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A copy vs the original

For a lifetime there have been people who copy-and for a lifetime more they will continue to exist! So why are you mad about it?

Inspiring others by being yourself. How about you see it through a different perspective. You are INSPIRING others to create or to elevate their game. That’s a compliment. Find it a joy that others are finding you worth copying-it means you’re doing something right!

I hope you’re staying on top of your A game. Every single day aspiring artists are rising-they’re taking big leaps and jumps and are constantly surpassing those who’ve been in business for years. If you’re trusting in yesterday’s way of doing things, you have another thing coming. I truly believe the only people who are truly upset about copycats are the ones who don’t have a plan ahead. If you see a future greater than your present than you’re not intimidated by people being inspired [and copying] your present work. After all…if your editing style, your approach, your client experience, your work, your products are what makes you who you are…if that’s what makes your business then I don’t know what to tell you my friend.

You’re still the ORIGINAL. In the end of the day…let me encourage you by saying this. There will always be copycats….but there will always be ORIGINALS. Let them mimic your words, let them mimic your product, let them mimic your style, your posts, your experience…what can not be mimicked is YOUR JOURNEY. They can’t copy your process of refining. What it took you to get where you are. You see, everyone can copy, but that doesn’t give anyone a ticket past the journey of becoming a true artist/entrepreneur. Until there’s a journey of refinement-it’s all an elusion. They’re painting a picture of an artist but there’s no story, there’s no depth.

So Yea! I hope you’re inspiring others to create. I hope you’re inspiring them to be a better version of themselves in their business journey. I hope that you are proud of where you’ve been and excited for where you’re going. Stay ORIGINAL but never comfortable.

-Rubi Z