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A bursting heart


You are all of my favorite things times infinity! You always ask me-do you love us more than “coffee” or “xyz”…I do! You have no idea how much I do. The day I became your mom, 12, 7, and a year and a half ago-instantly you became a part of me. If you can see the inside of my heart and how it stretched each time I gained another one of you precious babies-you’d be shocked. I don’t even understand how my heart stays inside my chest-it should most definitely burst from the amount of love that is in there for you guys. Jaydon-I never let you go. I held you in my arms. Slept with you. Cooked with you. I didn’t put you down. My every second revolved around you the moment you came into this world. And lately, I just stare at you, growing and stretching so tall. You’ve had your dad’s build from day one and you’re growing up to be such a passionate, handsome, talented, Jesus lovin’ young boy and it makes my heart continue to swell! My golden haired boy. Jake-you were a tough one from the start. I couldn’t believe how strong you were at 6 months pulling yourself out of your jumper and at 9 months walking and you’ve been running away with my heart ever since. I had to learn to be tough just like you. So that I wouldn’t freak out every second that you were doing something adventurous. I watch you now and I’m so proud of you. School deputy, with straight A’s and a protector to your baby sister. You are so determined to be your best. You’re my greatest helper and you give me the best hugs and kisses. Oh my little big beautiful eye-best cuddle boy. Sophia-you’re beauty and grace. Fireworks set off the day I found out I was having you. You, my precious baby girl. You’re a joy-a delight-truly GRACE from God. You shouldn’t have been and you are. You truly are! I can’t take it, my heart explodes when I see your face and hear your voice and see you already be such a daddy’s girl. My Sophie Girl. Kids-I hope these photos become treasure to you someday. I hope they help you remember moments with me. You’re still at the age, all of you, where you want mom snuggles and mom kisses…I hope that doesn’t change. “I love you to infinity and beyond, past the stars, all the way to Jesus and it doesn’t get much higher than that.”


Jaydon + Mom

Jacob + Mom

Sophia + Mom