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A beautiful Songbird

Aside from wedding photography, I’ve always dreamt of capturing artist, especially musicians and singers.  I love music, I don’t play any instruments and I can’t sing-I mean I definitely TRY…but I probably shouldn’t.  Music moves me deeply and I connect with it emotionally and I am passionate about singer songwriters because there is always a story they are sharing through their music the way I love to tell a story through photographs.

Recently, I was contacted by this father who was interested in some photographs for his daughter’s album launch.  I was immediately intrigued by the information that he provided and I was very interested in this project.  When I met Vincent [father] and Liberty [daughter/artist] for the first time at a local coffee shop-I knew instantly that the Lord has literally brought Liberty my way.  I could feel her passion and her heart through everything she said and I was instantly connected to her.  I grabbed a hold of her words and together we brainstormed the perfect vision for her session.

At our consultation, Liberty revealed to me a few songs that would be featured in her album, songs that she also WROTE!  I could not believe her voice and her lyrics.  They were so deep and honest and beautiful.  It was just breathtaking.  It was at that moment that I realized…I’m working for an artist and what it privilege it was to be creating this with her on the start of her journey…a start I am certain will evolve!

I was hired to create a collection that would embody these lyrics and convey a message of Liberty’s personality.  Liberty expressed to me that she wanted these photos [and eventually, the cover of her album] to provoke an emotion.  I couldn’t be happier to hear that because emotion is certainly what I love to capture most!

I had a blast with this collection.  Liberty is fun and vibrant but truly has this old soul to her.  I knew that I wanted to bring out both of those elements in this collection.  I didn’t want it to feel forced, just natural.  We did some city looks to make her young and vibrant character shine.  The cornfields were not planned [I love unplanned moments].  It turned out to be so great and I started to feel  like it was telling a story there.  Final area was an open field and an open road where we found beautiful sun-kissed light.  I knew when we were in the space that it would probably be what would speak to her the most.   I actually had Liberty sing throughout some of these captures so that I can capture genuine emotion and feeling in her face.  I loved the outcome so much.  A collection I’m truly proud of.

A little bit about Liberty:

Long and behold her voice was discovered at her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary where she sang “Amazing Grace.”  Everyone there was a little astonished that Liberty could sing. Since then Liberty has evolved as a singer and most recently started to take her work to another level.  Liberty mentions feeling a huge growth in her vocals as she was challenged by other amazing professionals who have come alongside of her to create the amazing new album “Songbird,” some of those professionals being her vocal coach and producer, Amy Adams.  “It has been challenging but so good to have other professionals hold me to high standards that naturally provokes excellence,” -Liberty.

“Artist, such as Regina Spektor and Birdy are such influences to me because they are both incredible talents and they break the bounds of exceptions both lyrically and melodically.” -Liberty  

When I asked Liberty who has been her biggest supporter throughout this journey she said, “My dad has been my biggest support throughout this process. He is the reason I am able to do what I love every day and always pushes me to be excellent. No matter how challenging it may be at the time, he holds me to high standards and inspires success in me.”

About the album Songbird:

Liberty’s mom calls her “songbird.”  Liberty would walk around the house singing so much that her mom knew the days that she was sad-on the days that Liberty was not quite herself….there would be no singing.  On days where she was happy and herself, she would always be singing.  She chose this album title because it was just so fitting.  Just like a songbird who sings with the rise of the sun every morning, she wants her audience to understand that no matter what you’re going through there is always the rising of the sun and there is hope and joy that awaits.

What’s Next:

“My album, Songbird, will be released October 26th, 2018 at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame. This is my first record and I am so very excited. Following that release, I will be writing and creating new music. I also have multiple musical theater performances this holiday season!  Within 5 years, I hope to be performing professionally, but most importantly, inspiring people and serving as a source of hope, in whatever field that may be in. ” -Liberty


How was your photography experience on this project:

Ah! My experience was incredible working with Rubi Z. It was actually one of my very favorite parts in the production of my album Songbird. We had a magical session. Rubi left such a powerful impact on me with her beautiful spirit. Between the photos, we talked about life and our philosophies. She spoke so much truth into my life. She inspired me so deeply with her story and her heart.  She has so much wisdom! These photos are being used for my album and I couldn’t be happier about it.

A note to Liberty from Rubi Z:

Liberty, music moves me when everything comes together correctly.  For me, it isn’t just about a beautiful voice, but the depth of the soul that I’m listening to.  I can usually hear it or feel it.  The authenticity of someone’s heart being expressed through song.  You sing this way, from a soulful place and I can truly connect with that.  I am a huge fan and I’m not just saying this.  Working on your project brought me to life this season in a new way.  It connected me to another form of purpose.  I’m genuinely thrilled to be a part of this project, to know that I played just a small role in your big picture is an honor.  I will always be thankful to you and your dad for choosing me and I’m so thankful that the Lord had us cross paths in this way.  I feel that without a doubt in my mind…it was meant to be.  Congratulations to your incredible success and your journey ahead.  I’m praying for nothing but GRAND THINGS.

With all my heart and soul,  Rubi Z.

Everyone, go experience this beautiful person on her amazing debut.  You’ll also want to check out her incredible promo video where she expresses her thoughts and heart behind the album.  You’ll get to hear her voice…it’s amazing. Visit her site for all this information.  http://libertyroche.com/

Purchase your ticket to see Liberty Roche on October 26, 2018!