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5 Ways to navigate through creative block

We are CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS!  Which only means that we need creativity injected in us!  We are constantly seeking creative inspirations yet at times we find ourselves dry….completely and utterly empty!  The more we seek it, the more we lose it.  It is vital for our business to have it, yet it is important for us to know that it’s ok when we don’t.  You can’t always be on a mountaintop in life.  You can’t always be thriving.  It is in the quiet moments, in the frustrated moments, in the mundane that we tread along and bump into INSPIRATION!  Creative blocks are almost necessary.   I’ve learn to accept them and to embrace them.  Most of all, I’ve learned the key to navigating through them.  Here are five ways to navigate through creative blocks.  Maybe one, or more than one may hit home for you!

  1. Step away from the workspace/computer.  Have you ever sat in front of your work space; sat streaming through Pinterest; or just starring….staring and waiting for some epiphany or inspiration to happen, only to build frustration?!  It used to happen to me all the time.  I learned that stepping away and even turning off devices freed me of clutter in my head.  We are constantly retaining so much information in our minds that our minds have no room to breath, to think, or to be inspired.  If you turn off your devices and step away from your work space, you are telling your mind to rest from information.
  2. Get around kids.  I’m fortunate enough to have kids, but if you don’t have kids….take a niece or nephew out, or hang out with a friend who does have kids.  And just follow them.  Kids have WONDER in them.  They are not bombarded by the cares of this world.  They stop and look at rocks and touch flowers and touch dirt.  Kids breath and laugh and play.  Get around kids.  They will make you forget that you have anything to think about.  They will be enlightened by your attention and presence and even for a moment, all the cares of the world will seize to exist.  ***And although tempted….DON’T take photos, don’t THINK, just BE! (I’m preaching to myself here too guys).
  3. Go outside.  There is something about stepping outside.  Breathing, walking, and smelling.  Something we aren’t too good about anymore in this society is just being STILL.  Do you have a hammock….lay in it, seriously…just LAY IN IT (not even reading).  Just go outside.
  4. Create something OUTSIDE of your line of work.  For example, I’m a photographer, but my creative outlet is interior design.  When I want to get lost in creativity but not think of it in a “work” form….I think, “what can I do to my house, or what element can I add that can change the space.”  Find your creative outlet that doesn’t feel like you’re working.  Could be painting, crafting, styling etc.
  5. Go back to the beginning/write a plan-intention. Ok….this one is a little hard to explain but I will do my best because it literally is my key factor to getting back on a creative train!  This is my secret sauce to navigating out of CREATIVE BLOCK.  Go back to the beginning!  As creatives, we are constantly coming up with new ideas in our minds.  Before we can even complete an idea, we are coming up with a new one.  It is detrimental to PRODUCE ideas!  So, go back to the first idea you had and didn’t complete….and COMPLETE IT!  Nothing will fuel you like determination to see your ideas come to life.  Don’t jump on to another idea if your first idea hasn’t even been completed.  Before you go back to the computer or your work station; take some time to WRITE A PLAN of execution.  List ONE project you want to be so focused on.  List your heart or vision behind it.  Then write a simple plan on HOW you’re going to make it happen.  Break it down into days and tasks.  Make it so simple and real because something happens when we get to our computers or work station, it’s the same as when you open the refrigerator and don’t remember WHY you even went to it in the first place.

Guys….the struggle is really really REAL.  Running a creative business is hard and creative blocks come every so often.  I usually navigate in this order and that is why I put them this way.  But you can pick and choose what works for you.  For me it likes like a 2-3 day detachment process.  But I try not to put a stop to this navigation process.  Inspiration and creativity do come back, and when you give it the time it needs….it lights a fire inside your soul and sends you on a creative train you can ride on for months!  Enjoy the navigation to your creative destination.

Live and love passionately.  -Rubi Z