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For fellow photographers: 3 Principles I live by

I can just pinch myself!

I never thought I would be sitting here, giving ANYONE any advice on the way I run my photography business or the way I shoot in general!  Me…this girl that struggled so much throughout my business to find my way and do the things I knew were inside of me!

I decided to write this post after I continued to receive a lot of questions about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

Here are a few principles I truly live by:

  1. If you’re caught up in the gear-you’re doing photography wrong!  This is going to make techy photographers cringe that I just said that….SORRY!  But I truly mean it. I do believe that cameras and lenses are very very important, and I do love my gear, don’t get me wrong.  Think about it…every other type of artistry doesn’t hardly ever get questioned on what type of “tools” their using to create the art.  For example…you don’t ask a painter what type of brushes he used because surely his work was created because he was using incredible brushes! You don’t ask a clothes designer what type of sewing machine they were using to create the garments!  It is not so much the tools you use rather the VISION you have to create the art you’re creating.
  2. Invest in your growth!  Every single year I take a really close look at my business/art.  I pin point exactly what I need in that season of life (not what I want to have!).  Then I invest in my growth.  I have paid money to grow my knowledge and I think if you don’t invest, you won’t get the best.  Growing is necessary for a business to thrive.
  3. Dare to FAIL miserably!  This is why I seriously thank God for the opportunity to talk to others and inspire them in our art…because I’ve failed so badly in the past!  I think if you don’t learn to embrace failure, you’ll never appreciate success.  You’ll never have something to measure out your growth with.  Failure is good.  If you want to learn something….do it until you failed so bad at it….because one day, after all those tries….you’ll get it right!  And it will feel incredible.

Anyways.  There’s a lot more of these little tips where this came from.  I’ll just wait to be inspired to write them.  Have a wonderful Monday….let’s work hard and be nice to people.  Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me.

xoxoxo. Rubi Z