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3 tips if you’ve never shot at Joshua Tree

I recently did a photoshoot for the first time in Joshua Tree.  Here are a few things I would tell myself if I had known what I know now.  Also, enjoy some behind the scene shenanigans.

Here are three tips if you’ve never shot at Joshua Tree:

  1. Give yourself ample time to shoot.  I thought I had scheduled enough time 4 hr time frame.  I guess I didn’t consider all the driving in between and the transition time.  Joshua Tree is a BIG park.  Getting from area to area requires you drive.  So give yourself enough time.
  2. Bring enough water.  Again, it was warmer than expected and you’re pretty much hiking the entire time you’re looking for where to shoot.  So yea….water.  I can’t even imagine what summer months are like there.
  3. Take your drone.  If you have a drone TAKE IT.  Some of my favorite shots were on the drone.  It made for great accent shots.  I would have played more with it had I had the extra time, but I still had enough time to get great shots on my drone.

If there was a fourth tip, and there certainly isn’t….but if there wassssss….I would also say BRING COMFY SHOES.  But that’s a given right?  I mean you all know you’re semi going hiking …right?  Well if you don’t, now you do.  Don’t freak out, it’s not anything major in the hiking world.

Enjoy some behind the scenes images of my Joshua Tree experience (with my assistant Victora Espino).

Some of these images were captured on my phone and some were captured on my Nikon DSLR’s.